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For over a decade, BCapital has been leading the industry and setting a standard for all to follow. 

Company Profile

BCapital financial solutions has been providing portfolio management services to institutional and individual clients.

Our approach to investing has long been based upon a philosophy centered on the advantages of investing in lower risk, more sustainable projects.

Our team of investment professionals has developed an investment approach designed to provide investors competitive returns with less risk over time.

We are focused on being disciplined and consistent in our practices and we seek continuous improvement to our tools and methods while staying true to our philosophy.

We foster an environment of intellectual honesty and curiosity, seeking to blend the strengths which come from experience with the challenges of new thinking in a continuously changing investment environment. In everything we do, we collaborate as a team, recognizing that open dialogue and the sharing of information best positions us to arrive at good decisions on behalf of our clients.

We believe superior client service is critical; whether handling client inquiries, reporting, regulatory compliance, privacy and the safe-keeping of client information, or simply being available to speak to and meet with our clients, we strive for transparency, accessibility and integrity in all that we do.

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